Black On Black Crime Destroys Sparkles Black On Black Crime Starring Sparkles

The Black On Black Crime Sparkles Video

Worst shoot ever! Let me explain. Sparkles is a hardcore dyke... so why she is here doing hardcore porn with a guy that's humiliating and degrading is beyond me. My guess is that she needs money for Ellen Degeneres tickets or something. Here is a girl that literally hates every second she has to suck cock and get fucked. Have you ever tried slapping a black lesbo in the face? No? Trust me... don't try unless you have a strong pimp hand because these bitches will piss and moan all fucking night. The best part of this video is the surprise ending. Trust me, it's better than any shit M Knight Shyamalan could ever dream up... and it was real.

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Sparkles Gets Her Pussy Fucked
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